About Us

The website www.maubeli.my has been developed to make it easy for sellers to sell their products online. This system is more of a classified website, which means the buyer can contact seller directly to order the product using email or phone. This system does not provide an online shopping cart process. Hence, it is easy, fast, and efficient for the seller and buyer to manage the process of selling and buying goods.
www.maubeli.my is one of the best online classified shopping malls available today. It uses current technology and platforms of system development that meet with the needs of users. The responsive feature at www.maubeli.my is also being designed and implemented, so that it can be adapted for viewing in iPads and smart phones. The new features will be added and updated regularly. Therefore, users are not feeling dissatisfied while using www.maubeli.my. They can access the website at anytime, anywhere.
www.maubeli.my has to be added to a Google search engine by using several useful keywords. It is important to make the website popular so that it displays on the first page of the Google search engine. It is also important to advertise products globally as well as locally.
Your products' ads can also appear anywhere on our website in a column promoted area by subscribing to the promoted packages. You can choose the low price you want for the package.
We are committed to making sure that our customers will feel fully satisfied after using www.maubeli.my. They can provide comments or make suggestions to us on how to improve the usefulness of the www.maubeli.my system for all customers. If any problems occur while using www.maubeli.my, we advise that customers share and report those issues to us, so our supportive team will take the necessary action when appropriate.
We hope that the deployment of www.maubeli.my will make a better impact on the ICT area in growing and encouraging people to use the Internet in their daily lives. www.maubeli.my works and provide virtual service for you on a 24-hour-a-day basis.

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