Q: How the maubeli.my works?

A: This maubeli.my works like a classified site, so there is not buying option. You can add your products by clicking "Sell Now" button and those who want to buy your product will contact you with messaging system. They can also contact you by phone.

Q: How the sellers/product owners can add product?

A: Sellers/  Product owners should add their products from “Sell now” page.

Q: What are the promoted pricing packages provided in maubeli.my ?

A: There are two promoted pricing packages options(daily, monthly). For example, monthly plan is RM10 for per month and a user bought 2 months plan, he/she will pay RM20 with Paypal or Offline payment and this product will be added to promoted products. After 2 months this product automatically will be removed from promoted products. So Paypal and Offline payment options are for promoted payments.

Q: How long the unpromoted products listing will be in maubeli.my?

A: It is advisible to delete unpromoted products listing which are expired or unused. 

Q: Can I know the purpose of the review / comment under product ?

A: If item removed from the system, comments and reviews will be removed also. 

Q: Will there be any featured / limitation on normal user when posting their product?

A: No plan to limit products, it will be better to adding more products.

Q: How many photo of products can be uploaded?

A: Currently it is 5 photos.

Q: Is it possible to set expiry date of each listing?

A: This feature available for promoted listings.

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